The Yeoman generator written and used by Callum Macrae (callumacrae) in front-end projects.
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The Yeoman generator written and used by Callum Macrae (callumacrae) in front-end projects. Now with added Gulp!


To install, globally install the npm package (you may need to use sudo):

npm install -g generator-callum

Make a new directory and cd into it:

mkdir my-amazing-project && cd $_

Then run the yo command:

yo callum

Setup will run, magic will happen. Gulp plugins and Bower packages will be automatically installed.

Stuff what this does

On setup

On setup, this generator will do the following:

  • Install useful Gulp plugins.
  • Install useful Bower plugins (plus any you tell it to).
  • Add files to your project that you will probably find useful (CSS, fonts, imgs, JavaScript, LESS).
  • If you have CasperJS installed, it will offer to install the Gulp plugin and create a testing directory. Nope, returning soon!
  • If you want it to, initialise a Git repo, optionally committing files created by the generator.
  • If you have hub installed, it will offer to create and push to a GitHub repository.

When installed

The generated project by default offers the following features:

  • Code validation using jshint, lesslint, and html-validation.
  • JavaScript awesomeness using RequireJS and bower. (run grunt bower or grunt build to add plugins to RequireJS automatically) This functionality will be back.
  • It'll optionally automatically add jQuery (refer to it as "jquery" in RequireJS).
  • A DEBUG constant! Debug code will be automatically removed from production.
  • CSS awesomeness using LESS.
  • CSS reset using Eric Meyer's "Reset CSS" 2.0.
  • Automatically compiles and minifies LESS and JavaScript when changes to files are detected.
  • Uses browser-sync to sync CSS changes between browsers. Also has ghost mode activated by default, so link clicks, form changes and scroll changes are synced between browsers.
  • Runs your CasperJS tests for you. nope lol

To use

After installation (yo callum), you can start developing right away. However, you can use gulp and bower to do magic.


Bower is a JavaScript package manager, and is installed by Yeoman automatically (so, you already have it installed). You can view a list of all packages here, or you can use bower search. To install a package:

bower install --save <package>
# Or:
bower install --save <package>#<version>

See the bower homepage for a list of all commands and more help.

More specific to this project, if grunt watchers is running then bower plugins will be automatically added to your RequireJS build file. Otherwise, run grunt bower to add them (or just manually add them to the build file). BRB


Gulp is a JavaScript task runner. It's like Grunt, but better. You can use the following commands to do the following tasks:

  • gulp lint will validate your HTML, CSS, LESS and JS.
  • gulp build will parse your LESS, but not your JS yet.
  • gulp browser-sync will run browser-sync. Awesome.
  • gulp bower doesn't exist, but will add bower libraries that haven't been added yet to the build file.
  • gulp will do all of the above, plus it will watch your LESS files for changes!


Copyright © Callum Macrae 2013 Licensed under the MIT license.