An idea center for phpBB/ (based on WordPress idea center).
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phpBB Ideas

phpBB Ideas is an ideas centre for phpBB. It is based on WordPress ideas, and allows users to suggest and vote on "ideas" that would help improve and enhance phpBB.


To install, copy config.sample.php to config.php and change the configuration. The current configuration settings:

  • PHPBB_ROOT_PATH - The path to phpBB. Eg, if you put ideas/ in the phpBB directory itself, this should be set to ../
  • IDEAS_FORUM_ID - The ID of the forum that ideas topics will be posted to.
  • IDEA_POSTER_ID - The ID of the user that will post idea topics into the forums.

Then run install.php (make sure that you have UMIL in your root phpBB directory), which will set up the database.

Finally, add two BBCodes, similar to these:

<a href="/ideas/idea.php?id={NUMBER}">{TEXT}</a>

<a href="/phpBB/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u={NUMBER}">{TEXT}</a>

Those BBCodes are used in the forum topics created by phpBB Ideas to link back to the ideas. Make sure you change the URLs so that they are correct.