A Sofa Control applescript to give Chrome remote control capability. (For mac)
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A script for Sofa Control (http://gravityapps.com/sofacontrol/) to allow Google Chrome to be remote controlled.
-Callum Gare

To Install:
If you haven't already download and install Sofa Control (it's shareware).
Open "Chrome.sofa"
If that doesn't work open Sofa Control, click File > Import Script then locate and open "Chrome.sofa"

Apple Remote:
Left/right 	Navigate the tabs.
Up/down 	Move the page up or down by 1.
Hold up/down 	Scroll.

If you have feature request, idea, comment or complaint then drop me a line at callumgare@internode.on.net or whatever way you prefer.

Ver. Log:
1.0 2/12/10 	-First version.
1.1 2/12/10 	-"Refresh Tab" option added to menu.
1.2 15/12/10 	-"Close Tab" option added to menu.
		-It now plays/pauses iTunes and if's closed it'll play/pause QuickTime.