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grunt-report Build Status

Grunt task that prints out a health report for a live URL, alerting you to any problems.

Intended for used at the end of an automated production deploy process, to verify that a page can be loaded without any of the following issues:

  • JavaScript errors
  • console messages
  • failed resource downloads (images, scripts, etc)


This is a multitask. Create named targets like this:

  report: {
    options: {
      // see below
    wiki: {
      url: ''

Output from running grunt report:wiki with the above config:

Terminal output


  • If there are any JavaScript errors, you get a stack trace with line numbers.
  • Console messages get printed out in full
  • If there are failed downloads, you get the URLs and status codes
  • If any of the above problems are encountered, grunt will halt after this task (unless you use --force).


You can use options to tell the grunt how much to care about each problem type:

  • consoleMessages (default: "warn")
  • javascriptErrors (default: "error")
  • resourceErrors (default: "error")

All three options accept any of the following values, which correspond to grunt error levels:

  • ok
  • warn
  • error

ok means (a) this type of problem won't cause grunt to halt, and (b) the terminal output will look green and soothing.

For example: if you don't mind console messages in production, you could set consoleMessages: "ok". You'll still see any console logs in your terminal, but they won't be seen as a problem.