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a program/performance

in-your-presence uses non-verbal/visible communication to explore the feeling of sharing a physical space in silence

view documentation video

to run

  1. build with visual studio 2015
  2. copy the in-your-presence.exe and SharpOSC.dll to a new folder
  3. make another copy of in-your-presence.exe
  4. (rename the two files, eg. "in-your-presence.exe" -> "me.exe", "in-your-presence - Copy.exe" -> "you.exe")
  5. run the two .exe files


communication between the two .exes is through OSC (thanks to the SharpOSC library)

the .exes try to communicate on UDP ports 55555 & 55556, so won't work if them two ports are being used.

they check for the presence of each other every 3 seconds (so you have some time to open the other .exe before the first one closes)