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Callysto Sample Notebooks

A collection of sample notebooks to demonstrate what can be done with Jupyter notebooks in a variety of subject areas.

Getting Started

The easiest way to run these sample notebooks is to run them on the JupyterHub set up for the Callysto project. The hub is available at and simply requires a Google account to log in. Alternatively, if you have Jupyter set up locally, you can also run these sample notebooks there or use the Docker setup instructions provided below.

Downloading the Notebooks

Once logged in at, you can download all the notebooks in this repo by clicking on this link.

This will bring all the folders and notebooks into your hub environment.

Running from Docker

This repository provides a completely encapsulated development environment via Docker. You can download Docker for your operating system here.

To build the image you'll be running (based off of Continuum Analytics' Anaconda image), simply run:


Once this has finished, running:


will start up the Docker container and run jupyter notebook within it. Any files in your project folder will be accessible under /opt/callysto within the Docker container.

If you need to troubleshoot issues with package installations or other setup, sometimes it's easiest to just start up in a shell, which you can do via:


From this entry point, you can run your notebook via:

/opt/conda/bin/jupyter notebook --notebook-dir=/opt/callysto \
  --ip='*' --port=8888 --no-browser --allow-root \

This is the same command that bin/notebook runs by default.

Additional Packages

Once you have figured out what packages you need, you can add them to the appropriate line in the Dockerfile, or you can add a new RUN line if you just want to use cached versions of the previous steps.

About Folders in this Repo

lib: Common code useful for all notebooks
notebooks: Individual notebooks

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