A little Swift utility that performs the Ken Burns effect on an image
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Ken Burns


A simple yet configurable Ken Burns effect using a single image looping over itself. Really draws the user’s attention, much more so than a static image.


KenBurns is written in Swift, but you can use KenBurnsImageView from Swift or Objective-C. Examples are in Swift 3.0:

func newKenBurnsImageView(url: URL) -> KenBurnsImageView {
    let ken = KenBurnsImageView()
    ken.fetchImage(url: url, placeholder: UIImage(named: "placeholder"))
    return ken

func stop(ken: KenBurnsImageView) {

func pause(ken: KenBurnsImageView) {

func resume(ken: KenBurnsImageView) {

You can also initialize with a direct UIImage rather than a URL, and there are some paramaters you can set to configure the appearance:

func newKenBurnsImageView(image: UIImage) -> KenBurnsImageView {
    let ken = KenBurnsImageView()
    ken.setImage(image: image)
    ken.zoomIntensity = 1.5
    ken.setDuration(min: 5, max: 13)
    return ken

Ken Burns has been powering Calm’s nature scenes and meditations since 2016. We found that adding this effect in place of a static image improves click-through rates (and users love it).

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Calm has no direct affiliation with Ken Burns himself 😞


KenBurns is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "KenBurns"