a Craftbukkit/Spigot server plugin allowing players to fly anything they build
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a Craftbukkit/Spigot server plugin allowing players to fly anything they build

Ingame commands

The Aircraft plugin offers two commands: /aircraft and /ac the later simply being just a shortand for the first. Individual instructions are then specified by a subcommand:

  • /ac pilot Creates a new aircraft. If you already had an aircraft it will be replaced by the new one.
  • /ac copilot <player> Grants the pilot rights to a player. The player does not have to be an OP.
  • /ac unpilot <player> Removes the pilot rights from a co-pilot.
  • /ac stop Unloads the current aircraft (NOT removing its blocks).
  • /ac delete Unloads the current aircraft and removes its blocks.
  • /ac destroy alias of /ac delete
  • /ac noclip Toggles collisions ON or OFF.
  • /ac ground Moves the aircraft to the ground level.
  • /ac board [player] Teleports you (or the specified player) aboard the aircraft.
  • /ac speed <speed> Sets the speed of the aircraft. Use values from 1 to 10.
  • /ac tp Teleports the aircraft to you.
  • /ac help Displays the list of available commands with descriptions.
  • /ac ? alias of /ac help

Calling /ac without any subcommand is treated as the /ac pilot command.


The config.yml file only contains 2 constants for you to change:

  • control ID of the item used to control the aircraft. Only when holding this item will the aircraft move.
  • max-size Maximum number of blocks an aircraft can consist of - use this to limit possible high-CPU usage when flying with a huge aircraft.