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Revamped website for Cal Raijin Taiko
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Cal Raijin Taiko Website

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This is the source code for Cal Raijin Taiko's new website, Many many thanks to Benjamin Ortiz for doing much of the design work!



  1. Fork this repository on the GitHub website, then clone your repository onto your computer:

    $ git clone[Your Github Account]/caltaiko.git
  2. Go into the caltaiko repository

    $ cd caltaiko
  3. Run the setup script and follow the prompts to install all required dependencies.

    $ bin/env_setup

    This will also create the development database and seed it with random resources, including an admin account with username admin and password secret.

    If any problems arise, please visit the wiki to see if your problem is addressed.

Integrate with AWS

  1. Go to and create an Amazon AWS account.

  2. Go to your management console and change the region to US West (N. California)

  3. Go to the S3 Management Console and create a new bucket.

  4. Go to the IAM ManagementConsole and create a new IAM user.

    When the success notification pops up, be sure to either download the security credentials or otherwise store them in a secure location.

  5. Create the file config/aws_config.yml and fill it with the following:

    access_key_id: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
    secret_access_key: AWS_SECRET_KEY_ID
    s3_host_name: ""
    bucket: YOUR_BUCKET_NAME

    Where AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID is the IAM user Access Key ID, AWS_SECRET_KEY_ID is the IAM user Secret Access Key, and YOUR_BUCKET_NAME is the name of the bucket you created.

Before your next Git commit, run git status to make sure the aws_config file is not being included (it's listed in the gitignore so it shouldn't be, but make ABSOLUTELY SURE!!!). This is extremely important, since if those access keys wind up on GitHub, bad people can very easily use them to rack up a bill of several thousand dollars on your AWS account.

Enable emails to be sent through Gmail

Create the file /config/local_env.yml and fill it with the following:


where is a Gmail address that you have access to, and is the domain. Most likely this will be, unless you are using a Google Apps account.


To keep track of any changes made to the original repository, add remote named upstream

git remote add upstream

To sync any changes I make with your own repository, run the commands

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master


To generate the formatted Rdoc document, run the command

rake doc:app

from the main directory. This will generate a directory caltaiko/doc/app/.

Open the file caltaiko/doc/app/index.html to view the documentation on each of the pages, classes, modules, and methods of the application.

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