S4: Supporting Students and Service Sites - tracks students in higher ed while they perform service learning, attend field trips, and rock out at internships.
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This project is no longer being maintained. For more information on the newer, hosted version of S4, visit the Cal State S4 website.


Students need to sign up for lots of things besides courses. Things like service learning, teacher education, or social work programs all need to track students outside the scope of a course or even a semester. The Signup Project will provide a way for a campus to track the relationships between community partners, site coordinators, students, faculty, courses, and programs; while being simple to maintain and easy (even fun!) to use.

This project is a collaboration between the CSUMB Web Services department and the Center for Community Engagement, at the Cal State Chancellor's office.


You can read full documentation on the S4 project, hosted by readthedocs.org.


Install through Drush

If you are using Drush, issue the following command:

drush make https://raw.github.com/kevee/csu_student_signup/master/distro.make my_directory

There's also a helpful distro_http.make file for those of you who are behind a firewall.

Direct download

You can also download a nightly build of S4 from: http://s4.csumb.edu/downloads/s4_head.tar.gz



You should ensure that you have a system supported by Drupal version 7. You will also need a database supported by Drupal as well. Learn more about these minimum install requirements here: http://drupal.org/requirements

Before installation, make a database for this application and create a user who has read/write/create privileges on that database only.

In addition, you should increase your web server PHP memory limit to at least 80M.

Installation process

Once you have unpacked the site and created a database, go to the url mysite.com/install.php, make sure to select the "S4-Student signup for service and stuff" installation profile on the first screen. The installer will walk you through the setup process.

Note about Git repository

If you are checking out from GIT, this is not a complete site, it requires using Drush to build the make file. If you have downloaded the packaged version of the app, just put it in your app server, and visit mysite.edu/install.php and make sure to select the S4 install profile on the first screen.