Preserve a mercurial repository in CaltechDATA
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Preserve a mercurial repository in CaltechDATA

Requires python 3 and the python-hglib library You can install python-hglib by typing pip install python-hglib Requires caltechdata_api (

To use:

  • Copy to your repository
  • Tag releases with versions in the form of "major.minor" (New major releases will generate new CaltechDATA records, minor releases will update CaltechDATA records)
  • Get a CaltechDATA access token:
  • Fill out a metadata file. An example metadata.json file is included as a starting point. You can also grab metadata from CaltechDATA using the get_metadata function in caltechdata_api
  • Run the script by typing python metadata.json


This script will make permanent records of your code in CaltechDATA. These cannot be removed. Take care to only run this script when you are ready to preserve your code.