All the games from Humble Bundle (before the Humble Store)
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Humble Games

All the games from

To add games, just edit the games.js based on the example below.
You can generate this automatically over here.

    "name": "NAME",
    "url": "URL",
    "price": "PRICE (without currency)",
    "description": "DESCRIPTION",
    "developer": "DEVELOPER",
    "platform": {
        "android": true/false,
        "linux": true/false,
        "windows": true/false,
        "mac": true/false,
        "audio": true/false
    "drm": {
        "steam": true/false,
        "desura": true/false,
        "gog": true/false,
        "drm-free": true/false
    "URL": {
        "review": "Link to a review of the game somewhere.",
        "steam": "Steam URL. Makes the steam icon clickable; if you don't include it, we'll search steam for the title",
        "desura": "Desura URL. Makes the Desura icon clickable in tables.html",
        "developer": "Developer URL. If you don't include this, tables.html does a google search."
    "notes": "some notes? Anything interesting that doesn't fit elsewhere",
    "extras": true/false

Follow the syntax in the games.js document in case of differences between it and the above code.