A simple `zsh` script that simplifies the management of haskell's cabal sandboxes.
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A simple zsh script that works with cabal sandbox initialised in the same directory as the project directory.


Create a new cabalenv

your_proj_dir is equivalent to THE_CABAL_ENVIRONMENT_NAME.

cd $PROJECT_HOME/your_proj_dir
cabal sandbox init
cabalenv your_proj_dir

List existing cabalenv

lscabalenv returns a list of directory names that contain .cabal-sandbox. In the context of our cabalenv utility, we refer to these directory names as cabal environment names.

Switch into an existing cabalenv

When a particular .cabal-sandbox/bin path is in $PATH, the $CABAL_ENV environment variable will be assigned the cabal environment name and the $PROMPT will also be updated to show the cabal environment name.

So, to begin working on a project, simply run


This cabalenv function will update

  • $PATH with THE_CABAL_ENVIRONMENT_NAME's cabal sandbox path
  • set $CABAL_ENV with the current cabal environment name

runhaskells is a wrapper command that automatically finds the cabal sandbox's package path and assign it to the -package-db flag

ghcs is a wrapper command that automatically finds the cabal sandbox's package path and assign it to the -package-db flag


1. Download script and place in /usr/local/bin

Example 1:

cd /usr/local/bin
sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/calvinchengx/cabalenv/master/cabalenv.sh
sudo chmod +x cabalenv.sh

Example 2:

git clone git@github.com:calvinchengx/cabalenv.git
cd cabalenv
sudo ln -s "$(pwd)/cabalenv.sh" /usr/local/bin/cabalenv.sh
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cabalenv.sh

2. Set $HS_PROJ_HOME and source the cabalenv.sh file

In your ~/.zprofile, specify

export HS_PROJ_HOME=$HOME/work
source `which cabalenv.sh`

where work is just a place where I create all my haskell project directories in. You don't have to use work of course.

Current Limitations, i.e. TODOs

  • Does not support shared cabal sandboxes yet.
  • Only works on zsh. Will support bash in due course.
  • A simple command to get out of current cabal environment.
  • Package it for brew and for port, perhaps.