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ExceptionTextable Plugin for Rails

This plugin sends notifications as SMS's or text messages to your cell phone
when errors occur in a Rails application.

It is similar to and inspired by Jamis Buck's excellent ExceptionNotifier
plugin, but differs in the following was:

* Messages are much shorter, making them more suitable for cell phones
* Messages are throttled so you don't get too many
* It can be extended with alternative gateways

In Europe, the sender pays to send an SMS, which means you generally need a
gateway to send SMSes. One such gateway is currently implemented, namely

In the US, the recipient pays, which means the providers are generally good at
providing email gateways. The downside is that the system depends on the


Include the ExceptionTextable in your controller, normally

    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
      include ExceptionTextable

Then go to your production.rb environment file and specify the gateway and

    config.after_initialize do
      ExceptionTexter.recipients = [[:email, ""]]

The recipients variable is an array of two-element arrays, where the first
element is the gateway (:email, :clickatell, :test) and the second is the cell
number in the format needed by the gateway.

You can also do this in your general environment.rb file, or in other
environments, but getting SMSes for errors in your development or test
environments seems like a waste of money.

See the section on gateways below.

The standard message is:

    [ERROR] Controller#action (RuntimeError) Exception message - data

See the Customization section below for details on the "data" part and how to
customize the text.


You can set a prefix for the text we send, which can be used to say which site
or service had the exception:

    ExceptionTexter.text_prefix = "[ERROR] "

This value is the default value. Make it your own.


You can also customize the message by adding an additional string at the end.

    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
        exception_sms_data :additional_data

        def exception_sms_data
          "person: #{}"

In the SMS, the data will be separated from the standard message by a hyphen

You can also provide a Proc object as the argument to exception\_sms\_data.

If you want to customize the text further, you can override the protected method
ExceptionTexter#get_text with the following signature:

    def get_text(exception, controller, data = nil)


### Email

This relies on the carrier's SMTP gateways. Enter :email for gateway, and enter
the entire email used to send to that cell phone, eg.

    ExceptionTexter.recipients = [[:email, ""]]

See [a list of SMTP gateways for various

Options for the email gateway:

    ExceptionTexter.email_options = { :from    => "sender@example.test", 
                                      :subject => "The subject line", 
                                      :suffix  => "" }

From is the sender. Maybe your SMS gateway needs this set.

Subject is the subject for the email. The text is sent in the body, and subject
is blank by default.

Suffix is appended to all the recipient numbers, and can be used if all your
email recipients use the same provider.

None of these are required.

### Clickatell

This is useful with European cell phones that do not have an SMTP gateway.

The recipient number should be formatted with country code but without any
special chars, eg.:

    ExceptionTexter.recipients = [[:clickatell, "4531174202"]]

In addition, you need to set the following clickatell-specific options:

    ExceptionTexter.clickatell_options = { :api_id   => ..., 
                                           :user     => ..., 
                                           :password => ... }
You get the api_id, user, and password when you sign up to Clickatell.

### Test

If you just want to see if things are setup correctly, you can use the test
gateway, which simply logs to the server log.

This gateway has no options.

### Write your own gateway

To implement another gateway, just implement a method in ExceptionTexter with
the name of the gateway with the following signature:

    def yourgateway(recipient, text)
Then you can use that in your recipients list.

If you do implement another gateway, please send me a patch at


Since you pay for the SMS messages one way or the other, we automatically
throttle them:

* Maximum 5 messages per hour
* Maximum 2 messages per controller/action per 6 hours

If you want to change or remove the throttling mechanism, simply override the
ExceptionTexter#suppress? method.

Required libraries

We require a nmuber of libraries, most notably "net/https".

We use SSL encryption when talking to the Clickatell gateway, because it
requires your id/username/password to be sent with the request.

Copyright (c) 2006 Lars Pind, released under the MIT license