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A dockerised environment for data science development
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Portable development environment for data analysis

This defines a Dockerfile and related resources for building an ipython notebook server in a docker container capable of connecting to Adthena's databases, queues etc. and performing desired analysis.


Simple first time install

$ boot2docker init
$ boot2docker start
$ $(boot2docker shellinit)
  • If you get told to set the environment variables, add the export commands to your bash_profile (or ask someone who knows how).
  • Run the setup script:
python <( curl ) -p YourPassword

Update your setup to latest

  • Simply re-run the setup command above.

Once the container has been started, navigatge to http://localhost:443 or, if using boot2docker (i.e. on a mac), get your docker host with boot2docker ip and replace localhost with that. Login with the password you passed into the script


If you find an error like this:

Unable to find image 'calvingiles/data-science-notebook-server' locally
Pulling repository calvingiles/data-science-notebook-server
2014/11/19 12:08:13 Error: image calvingiles/data-science-notebook-server not found

then run docker login and try the last step again.

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