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Calvin Metcalf update version
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  • cleanup complexity


  • make sure console is defined before calling it


  • same as 2.9.0 but built correctly


  • Add 'one' method for events.
  • The function parameter to the off method actually works now.
  • Objects used to create workers may now have values besides functions, currently arrays, objects, numbers, strings, and booleans are supported. Note that functions within arrays and objects can't be called the same way as functions at the top level.
  • You may now pass two new keys when you create an object, 'events' and 'listners' both of which should contian an object of string keys and function values. The functions are set as linsteners for the event named by the key, the only difference is that 'events' sets the listner in the worker and 'listners' sets it up in the main thread.
  • Instead of a large block of code that is regexed and transformed as text we now define all of that as code
  • event methods are only defined once for both workers and the catiline object.
  • 'console' now works more reliably in IE and we now test for it.


  • add mutation observer as an option for events.


  • brought lie back in, espetially as we just need a subset of setImmediate this make more sense for now.


  • added component.json


  • cleaned up some of the dependencies.


  • promises returned by queues now have a cancel('reason') method, calling it rejects the promise with reason 'reason' and if it hasn't been sent to the worker yet, removes it from the queue.


  • update to lie which had a breaking change in it


  • we now use ES6 let and const instead of var


  • we use lie for promises instead of promiscuous


  • setImmediate uses native version


  • eval worker falls back to iframe worker


  • fixed issue with package.json and bower.json


  • renamed it to catiline (name was holding it back)


  • reversion of pretty printing of workers fixed


  • works with AMD module loaders (and test!) though caveats about bundling still apply


  • The worker boilerplate is strict again
  • The worker boilerplate can use single quotes
  • Single quotes are used everywhere in fact
  • weird issue with old Opera


  • Fake workers are now in iFrames and use the same worker creation and boilerplate scripts.
  • The source code for workers is now pretty printed


  • Moved cw.makeUrl() to util.js, not sure why it was in wrapup.js.
  • Passing a falsy value or a number less then 2 as the number of workers in a queue now just returns a regular (non-queue) worker
  • Multiple events can now be fired at once by passing a space sperated list of event names to .fire()
  • Internally we are using constructors instead of modules, thus in addition to communist.worker there is communist.Worker and communist.Queue of communist.queue
  • the file 'object.js' has been renamed to 'core.js' the file 'worker.object.js' to 'worker.js' and 'worker.temp.js' to 'temp.js' and 'fakeWorkers.js' to 'fakeWorker.js'.
  • removed the last of the single letter variables in promiscuous, core,fakeWorker, and queue.
  • API page is now DOCUMENTATION and new more formal API page.


  • Ajax and map reduce are now seprate plugins
  • fake workers and workers now all use the same test script
  • more consistency with error handling in fakeWorkers
  • cw(function,data) is removed in favor of cw.single(function,data)
  • cw.communist->cw.worker
  • more verbose variable names
  • events now take a scope as a second argument and direct functions take it as a third
  • console.log is available inside a worker
  • cw.single is now it's own plugin, tests updated acordingly.


  • run the legacy browser test (though not in a legacy browser) locally
  • fixes related to reducer.


  • multiuse is no longer a separate function but just what happens when the object worker is called with a function
  • all is now part of promiscious
  • since we only have one worker type we can simplify the build script
  • tighter jshint options
  • having a space in the importScripts() will no longer cause an infinite loop thanks to shole


  • patch from Fresheyeball to get it working on more commonjs enviroments
  • all the worker creation functions now have publicly accessable methods
  • communist.worker is now accessable at communist.makeWorker with communist.worker going to be reasasined in 2.0.0
  • the internals are now massivly simplified.
  • bump the version of firefox we test to 22
  • remove opera from the tests until I can figure out why I can't even do a manual test on Opera in sauce labs.
  • remove src/workers folder as we now only have 1 seperate worker script.
  • fix type with events in batchTransfer queues.
  • Had to put up a monkey patch onto communist.ajax as I accidentally broke it, seriously It's going to be gone soon stop using it.


  • Improvements to pub-sub when using a worker queue
  • The communist.ajax method is being depreciated it's still around for now but I took out the tests and docs, all the breaking changes are being saved up.
  • importScripts behaves much more like you expect it, importing the same script multiple times only gets downloaded once and all importScripts calls you make are counted.
  • Fake workers (aka in IE9) can now import scripts
  • you can use a global flag of fakeLegacy to force a browser that suppports workers to pretend it dosn't.


  • PUB/SUB! function inside the worker now have access to, this,on, and functions and there are equivilent, cw.on, and functions on cw objects.
  • improvements to the legacy tests such that a non-legacy browser can pass them.
  • communist.noConflict now accepts a string if you want to change the name to something else.
  • cleaned up some of the files that didn't need to be there.
  • created this changelog
  • tidied up the repo