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Node bindings for Chacha20/poly1305, api is identical to my pure JavaScript library, Chacha20 is based on this implementation with Poly1305 based on poly1305-donna by way of libressl. By default it implements the IETF version of the chacha20 poly1305 aead, but the legacy method does the version compatibale with borringssl and others.


var chacha = require('chacha-native');

ChaCha20 Poly1305

var cipher =  chacha.createCipher(key, nonce);
var decipher =  chacha.createDecipher(key, nonce);

Create a cipher object by passing it a 256 bit key and 96 bit nonce, API is identical to crypto.createCipheriv()/createDecipheriv in node >= 11 with a gcm mode, in other words, e.g.

cipher.setAAD(nonencrypteddata);// must be called before data
var tag = cipher.getAuthTag();// must be called after finish or end

decipher.setAAD(nonencrypteddata);// must be called before data
decipher.setAuthTag(tag);// must be called before data

decipher with throw if you don't set a tag or the tag doesn't match. See the node docs for more info (the iv length for gcm is also 96 bit fyi).


var cipher =  chacha.chacha(key, nonce);

The API is identical to a cipher/decipher object in node >= 10. Encryption and decryption are the same.


var hmac =  chacha.createHmac(key);

API is identical to an hmac in node, so it's a stream with update and digest methods.

Legacy Aead

A variant version of the aead that is compatible with boringssl.

var cipher =  new chacha.AeadLegacy(key, nonce);
var decipher =  new chacha.AeadLegacy(key, nonce, true);

The third parameter is whether it should decipher, otherwise identical to createCipher/createDecipher. Doesn't implement variable length tags.


node bindings for chacha20 in c



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