remove require statements without breaking scope
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npm install derequire

derequire can be used either as a JavaScript API or as a CLI.

JavaScript API

var derequire = require('derequire');
var transformedCode = derequire(code, /*tokenTo=*/'_dereq_', /*tokenFrom=*/'require');

derequire takes a string of code and replaces all instances of the tokenFrom identifier (defaults to 'require') and replaces them with the tokenTo identifier (defaults to '_dereq_') but only if they are functional arguments or variable declarations and subsequent uses of said argument, then returnes the code.

For multiple renames at the same time, the following syntax is accepted:

derequire(code, [
    from: 'require',
    to: '_dereq_'
    from: 'define',
    to: '_defi_'

Note: In order to avoid quite a few headaches the token you're changing from and the token you're changing to need to be the same length.

Command-line API

There's a CLI that accepts a file path as an argument (absolute or relative to CWD) or reads from stdin if file path is - or omitted, and accepts -f|--from and -t|--to options that correspond to the API tokenFrom and tokenTo options. Examples:

derequire input.js > output.js
derequire < input.js > output.js
browserify input.js | derequire > output.js
browserify input.js | derequire - > output.js
derequire input.js --from require --to _gonzo_ > output.js