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This is a tool to turn esri json to geojson, which should work in the browser, in a worker, and in node.

Looking for the esri toolbox? It's over at it's own repo to hopefully merge with @feomike's version

Sync Method

var geoJSON = toGeoJSON(esriJSON);

// do something with geoJSON object

Async Methods

// callback for resulting data
function handleGeoJSON(err, data) { 
  if (err) {
  // data => GeoJSON
  // do something with it..

toGeoJSON(esriJSON, handleGeoJSON);
// or
toGeoJSON('same/origin/url/to/esriJSON', handleGeoJSON);

Using From Node

You can install from npm:

npm install esri2geo --save

The use from your node app like so:

var esri2geo = require('esri2geo');

esri2geo(esriJSON, function (err, data) {
  // handle error, deal with data here

Note: You can also use the other methods above.

Disclaimer: not endorsed by, or have anything to do with ESRI.