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commit 2cec418715c53868515bc86636510b8a5c5767a7 1 parent ad44222
@calvinmetcalf authored
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7 esri2open/
@@ -5,11 +5,10 @@
# Federal Communications Commission
# exports the feature classes for any feature class to
# a csv file, JSON file or geoJSON file
-# also adding edits from sgillies and Shaun Walbridge
+# also adding edits from sgillies, Shaun Walbridge, and Calvin Metcalf
# updates include using the python json.dumps method and indentation issues
-# Edit by Calvin Metcalf to merge in improvments made for exporting
-# Massachusetts Department Of Transportation Data
-# edits made 4/8/2013
+# merge of Calvin's esri2geo and export to sqlite
+# last edits made 5/4/2013
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
from arcpy import AddMessage, GetCount_management

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