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the ability to add a geojson layer to leaflet that is stored in a pouchdb you can add it from a remote couchdb that is synced to the local one as conectivity permits, for bonus points and because I'm a massacist, it's written in CoffeeScript



basic idea if you do

var syncLayer = L.geoJson.pouch( "").addTo(map)

you get a remote couchDB layer, that if IndexedDB is available, stored localy as that, with a fall back to WebSQL and if neither of those are available, just loads the remote db.

you can pass an option object if you want with both leaflet geojson options and 3 new ones

first is direction, it defaults to "from" which pulles stuff from the remoteDB to the localDB, you can also do "to" which is the opposite, localDB to remoteDB and "both" which syncs both ways.

second option is "continuous" which defaults to true, if false then will only sync when it's created and you'll have to manually sync it. Use layer.sync() to force a sync.

third option is "idbName" which is the name for the local DB if you don't want to use the dafault, it defaults to whatever the remote database is, if there is no remote db and this isn't defined it defaults to the page name.

other methods are layer.cancel() which cancels current replication, layer.sync() which does a one time replication, and layer.destroy() which deletes the local db.

ex in code

this is in JavaScript and just

var layer = L.geoJson.pouch("http://localhost:5984/someDB").addTo(map)

this is coffee script and just syncs from a a remote with no localone, the path is reletive to the document if it's an attachment in a database

geojsonMarkerOptions = 
    radius: 8
    fillColor: "#ff7800"
    color: "#000"
    weight: 1
    opacity: 1
    fillOpacity: 0.8

layer = new L.GeoJSON.Pouch document.location.protocol+"//""/"+document.location.pathname.split("/")[1], 
	pointToLayer : (feature, latlng) ->
        L.circleMarker latlng, geojsonMarkerOptions
    someOther : option


layer.addDoc GeoJSONfeature

the source of the demo is in it's own repo

cake build

build minified version

cake min


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