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Assignment 4

CS 345H Fall 2013

Andrew Sharp

Calvin MacKenzie

Corbyn Salisbury

Irvin Shen

Scala Setup

I will be setting up the project following this guide.

We will be using the the Scala Build Tool (sbt) to build and run our project.

Scala Review

If you need to review your Scala, you can find a helpful guide here.


You should clone the repo via ssh (preferably) and this will require you to authenticate with your Github profile. Following this, you can set up the project with Eclipse (if you prefer), any editor will work fine.

git clone
make eclipse

Side note - The Makefile just runs sbt commands

Important - If you wish to use Eclipse, you must follow the Scala sbt setup for Eclipse, in the Scala Setup section

Running Tests

We have implemented JUnit tests to test the functionality of our code.

make test


For style, we will mostly follow Twitter's Formatting Guide as well as the official Scala Style Guide.

Specific Rules

Specifically, please abide by the following style rules:

  1. Use two spaces for indentation, Eclipse with automatically do this for you if you allow it to auto format your code.
  2. Try to always use immutable data structures
  3. Try to initialize all variables as val instead of var
  4. If a solution exists functionally, opt to use it instead of one that is imperative
  5. Never use null, always use Option


Tasks left to accomplish


Find and report issues here

LOLCODE Documentation

View the documentation for our implementation of LOLCODE here

LOLCODE Keywords

List of current LOLCODE keywords here