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(cKanren ck)
;; framework
update-s update-c make-a any/var? prefix-s
lambdam@ identitym composem goal-construct ext-c
build-oc oc->proc oc->rands oc->rator run run* prt
extend-enforce-fns extend-reify-fns
;; mk
lhs rhs walk walk* var? lambdag@ mzerog unitg onceo
conde conda condu ifa ifu project fresh succeed fail :)
(cKanren mk)
(only (chezscheme) make-parameter))
;; ---HELPERS------------------------------------------------------
(define any/var?
(lambda (p)
((pair? p)
(or (any/var? (car p)) (any/var? (cdr p))))
((var? p) #t)
(else #f))))
(define any-relevant/var?
(lambda (t x*)
((pair? t)
(or (any-relevant/var? (car t) x*)
(any-relevant/var? (cdr t) x*)))
((var? t) (memq t x*))
(else #f))))
(define prefix-s
(lambda (s s^)
((null? s) s^)
(let loop ((s^ s^))
((eq? s^ s) '())
(else (cons (car s^) (loop (cdr s^))))))))))
;; ---SUBSITUTION--------------------------------------------------
(define empty-s '())
(define ext-s
(lambda (x v s)
(cons `(,x . ,v) s)))
(define size-s
(lambda (x)
(length x)))
(define update-s-check
(lambda (x v)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
(let ((x (walk x s))
(v (walk v s)))
((or (var? x) (var v))
(let ((s^ (ext-s x v s)))
((run-constraints (if (var? v) `(,x ,v) `(,x)) c)
(make-a s^ c))))
((equal? x v) a)
(else #f))))))
(define update-s-nocheck
(lambda (x v)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((run-constraints (if (var? v) `(,x ,v) `(,x)) c)
(make-a (ext-s x v s) c)))))
(define update-s update-s-nocheck)
;; ---CONSTRAINT-STORE---------------------------------------------
(define empty-c '())
(define ext-c
(lambda (oc c)
(cons oc c)))
(define update-c
(lambda (oc)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((any/var? (oc->rands oc))
(make-a s (ext-c oc c)))
(else a)))))
;; ---PACKAGE------------------------------------------------------
(define empty-a (cons empty-s empty-c))
(define make-a (lambda (s c) (cons s c)))
;; ---M-PROCS------------------------------------------------------
(define-syntax lambdam@
(syntax-rules (:)
((_ (a) e) (lambda (a) e))
((_ (a : s c) e)
(lambdam@ (a) (let ((s (car a)) (c (cdr a))) e)))))
(define identitym (lambdam@ (a) a))
(define composem
(lambda (fm f^m)
(lambdam@ (a)
(let ((a (fm a)))
(and a (f^m a))))))
(define goal-construct
(lambda (fm)
(lambdag@ (a)
((fm a) => unitg)
(else (mzerog))))))
;; ---BUILD-OC-----------------------------------------------------
(define-syntax build-oc
(syntax-rules ()
((_ op arg ...)
(build-oc-aux op (arg ...) () (arg ...)))))
(define-syntax build-oc-aux
(syntax-rules ()
((_ op () (z ...) (arg ...))
(let ((z arg) ...) `((op ,z ...) . ,(op z ...))))
((_ op (arg0 arg ...) (z ...) args)
(build-oc-aux op (arg ...) (z ... q) args))))
(define oc->proc cdr)
(define oc->rands cdar)
(define oc->rator caar)
;; ---FIXED-POINT--------------------------------------------------
(define run-constraints
(lambda (x* c)
((null? c) identitym)
((any-relevant/var? (oc->rands (car c)) x*)
(rem/run (car c))
(run-constraints x* (cdr c))))
(else (run-constraints x* (cdr c))))))
(define rem/run
(lambda (oc)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((memq oc c)
((oc->proc oc)
(make-a s (remq oc c))))
(else a)))))
;; ---PARAMETERS---------------------------------------------------
(define enforce-fns (make-parameter '()))
(define reify-fns (make-parameter '()))
(define extend-parameter
(lambda (param)
(lambda (tag fn)
(let ((fns (param)))
(and (not (assq tag fns))
(param (cons `(,tag . ,fn) fns)))))))
(define extend-enforce-fns (extend-parameter enforce-fns))
(define extend-reify-fns (extend-parameter reify-fns))
;; ---ENFORCE-CONSTRAINTS------------------------------------------
(define enforce-constraints
(lambda (x)
(let loop ((fns (enforce-fns)))
((null? fns) unitg)
(fresh ()
((cdar fns) x)
(loop (cdr fns))))))))
;; ---REIFICATION--------------------------------------------------
(define reify-s
(lambda (v s)
(let ((v (walk v s)))
((var? v) `((,v . ,(reify-n (size-s s))) . ,s))
((pair? v) (reify-s (cdr v) (reify-s (car v) s)))
(else s)))))
(define reify-n
(lambda (n)
(string-append "_" "." (number->string n)))))
(define reify
(lambda (x)
(lambdag@ (a : s c)
(let* ((v (walk* x s))
(r (reify-s v empty-s)))
((null? r) (choiceg v empty-f))
(let ((v (walk* v r)))
(reify-constraints v r c))))))))
(define reify-constraints
(lambda (v r c)
((null? c) v)
(let ((c^ (run-reify-fns v r c)))
((null? c^) v)
(else `(,v : . ,c^))))))
(define run-reify-fns
(lambda (v r c)
(let loop ((fns (reify-fns)) (c^ `()))
((null? fns) c^)
(else (loop (cdr fns) (append ((cdar fns) v r c) c^)))))))
;; ---MACROS-------------------------------------------------------
(define-syntax run
(syntax-rules ()
((_ n (x) g0 g1 ...)
(take n
(lambdaf@ ()
((fresh (x) g0 g1 ...
(enforce-constraints x) (reify x))
(define-syntax run*
(syntax-rules ()
((_ (x) g ...) (run #f (x) g ...))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------
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