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(cKanren fd)
infd domfd =fd =/=fd <=fd <fd
plusfd timesfd distinctfd range)
(rename (rnrs) (list-sort rnrs:list-sort))
(cKanren ck)
(cKanren interval-domain))
;;; helpers
(define list-sort rnrs:list-sort)
(define list-sorted?
(lambda (pred ls)
((or (null? ls) (null? (cdr ls))) #t)
((pred (car ls) (cadr ls))
(list-sorted? pred (cdr ls)))
(else #f))))
(define list-insert
(lambda (pred x ls)
((null? ls) (cons x '()))
((pred x (car ls)) (cons x ls))
(else (cons (car ls) (list-insert pred x (cdr ls)))))))
(define pred_x
(lambda (x)
(lambda (oc)
(and (eq? (oc->rator oc) 'domfd-c)
(eq? (car (oc->rands oc)) x)))))
(define ext-d
(lambda (x dom c)
(let ((oc (build-oc domfd-c x dom)))
(let ((pred (pred_x x)))
((find pred c) (cons oc (remp pred c)))
(else (cons oc c)))))))
(define get-dom
(lambda (x c)
((find (pred_x x) c)
=> (lambda (oc) (cadr (oc->rands oc))))
(else #f))))
(define process-dom
(lambda (v dom)
(lambdam@ (a)
((var? v) ((update-var-dom v dom) a))
((memv-dom? v dom) a)
(else #f)))))
(define update-var-dom
(lambda (x dom)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((get-dom x c)
=> (lambda (xdom)
(let ((i (intersection-dom xdom dom)))
((null-dom? i) #f)
(else ((resolve-storable-dom i x) a))))))
(else ((resolve-storable-dom dom x) a))))))
(define resolve-storable-dom
(lambda (dom x)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((singleton-dom? dom)
(let ((n (singleton-element-dom dom)))
((update-s x n) a)))
(else (make-a s (ext-d x dom c)))))))
(define force-ans
(lambda (x)
(lambdag@ (a : s c)
(let ((x (walk x s)))
((and (var? x) (get-dom x c))
=> (map-sum (lambda (v) (update-s x v))))
((pair? x)
(fresh ()
(force-ans (car x))
(force-ans (cdr x))))
(else (lambdag@ (a) (unitg a))))
(define-syntax let-dom
(syntax-rules (:)
((_ (s c) ((u : d_u) ...) body)
(let ((u (walk u s)) ...)
(let ((d_u
((var? u) (get-dom u c))
(else (make-dom `(,u)))))
(define =/=fd-c
(lambda (u v)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
(let-dom (s c) ((u : d_u) (v : d_v))
((or (not d_u) (not d_v))
((update-c (build-oc =/=fd-c u v)) a))
((and (singleton-dom? d_u)
(singleton-dom? d_v)
(= (singleton-element-dom d_u)
(singleton-element-dom d_v)))
((disjoint-dom? d_u d_v) a)
(let ((oc (build-oc =/=fd-c u v)))
((singleton-dom? d_u)
(update-c oc)
(process-dom v (diff-dom d_v d_u)))
((singleton-dom? d_v)
(update-c oc)
(process-dom u (diff-dom d_u d_v)))
(else ((update-c oc) a))))))))))
(define distinctfd-c
(lambda (v*)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
(let ((v* (walk* v* s)))
((not (list? v*))
(let ((oc (build-oc distinctfd-c v*)))
((update-c oc) a)))
(let-values (((x* n*) (partition var? v*)))
(let ((n* (list-sort < n*)))
((list-sorted? < n*)
((distinct/fd-c x* n*) a))
(else #f))))))))))
(define distinct/fd-c
(lambda (y* n*)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
(let loop ((y* y*) (n* n*) (x* '()))
((null? y*)
(let* ((oc (build-oc distinct/fd-c x* n*)))
(update-c oc)
(exclude-from-dom (make-dom n*) c x*))
(let ((y (walk (car y*) s)))
((var? y)
(loop (cdr y*) n* (cons y x*)))
;; n* is NOT A DOM
((memv y n*) #f)
(let ((n* (list-insert < y n*)))
(loop (cdr y*) n* x*)))))))))))
(define exclude-from-dom
(lambda (dom1 c x*)
(let loop ((x* x*))
((null? x*) identitym)
((get-dom (car x*) c)
=> (lambda (dom2)
(process-dom (car x*) (diff-dom dom2 dom1))
(loop (cdr x*)))))
(else (loop (cdr x*)))))))
(define-syntax c-op ;;; returns sequel.
(syntax-rules (:)
((_ op ((u : d_u) ...) body)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
(let-dom (s c) ((u : d_u) ...)
(let* ((oc (build-oc op u ...)))
((and d_u ...) ((composem (update-c oc) body) a))
(else ((update-c oc) a)))))))))
(define =fd-c
(lambda (u v)
(c-op =fd ((u : d_u) (v : d_v))
(let ((i (intersection-dom d_u d_v)))
(process-dom u i)
(process-dom v i))))))
(define <=fd-c
(lambda (u v)
(c-op <=fd-c ((u : d_u) (v : d_v))
(let ((umin (min-dom d_u))
(vmax (max-dom d_v)))
(process-dom u
(copy-before-dom (lambda (u) (< vmax u)) d_u))
(process-dom v
(drop-before-dom (lambda (v) (<= umin v)) d_v)))))))
(define plusfd-c
(lambda (u v w)
(c-op plusfd-c ((u : d_u) (v : d_v) (w : d_w))
(let ((wmin (min-dom d_w)) (wmax (max-dom d_w))
(umin (min-dom d_u)) (umax (max-dom d_u))
(vmin (min-dom d_v)) (vmax (max-dom d_v)))
(process-dom w
(range (+ umin vmin) (+ umax vmax)))
(process-dom u
(range (- wmin vmax) (- wmax vmin)))
(process-dom v
(range (- wmin umax) (- wmax umin)))))))))
(define timesfd-c
(lambda (u v w)
(let ((safe-div (lambda (n c a) (if (zero? n) c (div a n)))))
(c-op timesfd-c ((u : d_u) (v : d_v) (w : d_w))
(let ((wmin (min-dom d_w)) (wmax (max-dom d_w))
(umin (min-dom d_u)) (umax (max-dom d_u))
(vmin (min-dom d_v)) (vmax (max-dom d_v)))
(let ([u-range (range
(safe-div vmax umin wmin)
(safe-div vmin umax wmax))]
[v-range (range
(safe-div umax vmin wmin)
(safe-div umin vmax wmax))]
[w-range (range (* umin vmin) (* umax vmax))])
(process-dom w w-range)
(process-dom u u-range)
(process-dom v v-range)))))))))
(define enforce-constraintsfd
(lambda (x)
(fresh ()
(force-ans x)
(lambdag@ (a : s c)
(let ((bound-x* (map
(lambda (oc)
(let ((r (oc->rands oc)))
(car r)))
(lambda (oc) (eq? (oc->rator oc) 'domfd-c))
(verify-all-bound s c bound-x*)
((onceo (force-ans bound-x*)) a))))))
(define verify-all-bound
(lambda (s c bound-x*)
(unless (null? c)
(let ((oc (car c)))
(if (memq (oc->rator oc)
'(=/=fd-c distinctfd-c distinct/fd-c
<=fd-c =fd-c plusfd-c timesfd-c))
((find (lambda (x) (not (memq x bound-x*)))
(filter var? (oc->rands oc)))
=> (lambda (x)
(unless (value-dom? (walk x s))
(error 'verify-all-bound
"Constrained variable ~s without domain" x))))))
(verify-all-bound s (cdr c) bound-x*)))))
;;; goals
(define domfd
(lambda (x n*)
(goal-construct (domfd-c x n*))))
(define domfd-c
(lambda (x n*)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((process-dom (walk x s) (make-dom n*)) a))))
(define-syntax infd
(syntax-rules ()
((_ x0 x ... e)
(let ((n* e))
(fresh () (domfd x0 n*) (domfd x n*) ...)))))
(define =fd
(lambda (u v)
(goal-construct (=fd-c u v))))
(define =/=fd
(lambda (u v)
(goal-construct (=/=fd-c u v))))
(define <fd
(lambda (u v)
(fresh () (<=fd u v) (=/=fd u v))))
(define <=fd
(lambda (u v)
(goal-construct (<=fd-c u v))))
(define plusfd
(lambda (u v w)
(goal-construct (plusfd-c u v w))))
(define timesfd
(lambda (u v w)
(goal-construct (timesfd-c u v w))))
(define distinctfd
(lambda (v*)
(goal-construct (distinctfd-c v*))))
(extend-enforce-fns 'fd enforce-constraintsfd)
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