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(cKanren neq)
(export =/=)
(import (rnrs) (cKanren ck)
(only (cKanren tree-unify) unify))
;;; little helpers
(define recover/vars
(lambda (p)
((null? p) '())
(let ((x (lhs (car p)))
(v (rhs (car p)))
(r (recover/vars (cdr p))))
((var? v) (ext/vars v (ext/vars x r)))
(else (ext/vars x r))))))))
(define ext/vars
(lambda (x r)
((memq x r) r)
(else (cons x r)))))
;;; serious functions
(define oc->prefix
(lambda (oc)
(car (oc->rands oc))))
(define reify-constraintsneq
(lambda (v r c)
(let ((c (filter (lambda (oc) (eq? (oc->rator oc) '=/=neq-c)) c)))
(let ((p* (walk* (map oc->prefix c) r)))
(let ((p* (remp any/var? p*)))
((null? p*) '())
(else `((=/= . ,p*)))))))))
(define =/=neq-c
(lambda (p)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((unify p s)
(lambda (s^)
(let ((p (prefix-s s s^)))
((null? p) #f)
(else ((normalize-store p) a))))))
(else a)))))
(define normalize-store
(lambda (p)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
(let loop ((c c) (c^ '()))
((null? c)
(let ((c^ (ext-c (build-oc =/=neq-c p) c^)))
(make-a s c^)))
((eq? (oc->rator (car c)) '=/=neq-c)
(let* ((oc (car c))
(p^ (oc->prefix oc)))
((subsumes? p^ p) a)
((subsumes? p p^) (loop (cdr c) c^))
(else (loop (cdr c) (cons oc c^))))))
(else (loop (cdr c) (cons (car c) c^))))))))
(define subsumes?
(lambda (p s)
((unify p s) => (lambda (s^) (eq? s s^)))
(else #f))))
;;; goals
(define =/=
(lambda (u v)
(goal-construct (=/=-c u v))))
(define =/=-c
(lambda (u v)
(lambdam@ (a : s c)
((unify `((,u . ,v)) s)
=> (lambda (s^)
((=/=neq-c (prefix-s s s^)) a)))
(else a)))))
(extend-reify-fns 'neq reify-constraintsneq)
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