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(ns clustering.k-means
(:require [quil.core :as q]
[ :as io]
[incanter.distributions :as dist]
[incanter.charts :refer [scatter-plot]]
[incanter.core :refer [view]]))
(defn write-dataset
[ds path]
(with-open [writer (io/writer path)]
(binding [*out* writer]
(doseq [[x y] ds]
(println x y)))))
(defn get-ranges
"Given a seq of n-dimensional vectors, `xs`, find the minimum and
maximum values in each dimension. Return a sequence of vectors of max/min."
(when (seq xs)
(for [i (range (count (first xs)))]
[(reduce min (map #(nth % i) xs))
(reduce max (map #(nth % i) xs))])))
(defn generate-random-point
"Given a vector of n min/max ranges, generate a random point in
n-dimensional space, bounded by min/max in each dimension."
(mapv (fn [[lo hi]] (+ lo (rand (- hi lo)))) ranges))
(defn random-centroids
"Given a set of points `xs`, return `k` random points in
n-dimensional space, bounded by the max/min of each dimension in
[k xs]
(when-let [ranges (get-ranges xs)]
(repeatedly k #(generate-random-point ranges))))
(defn square
(* x x))
(defn distance
[p1 p2]
(Math/sqrt (reduce + (map (comp square -) p1 p2))))
(defn nearest-centroid
[p centroids]
(apply min-key #(distance p %) centroids))
(defn mean
(let [c (count xs)]
(if (> c 0)
(/ (reduce + xs) c)
(defn centroid
(when (seq xs)
(mapv mean (map (fn [i] (map #(nth % i) xs)) (range (count (first xs)))))))
(defn make-cluster
[xs centroids]
(let [xs (vec xs)
cluster (group-by #(nearest-centroid (xs %) centroids) (range (count xs)))]
(zipmap centroids (map (fn [centroid] (set (get cluster centroid))) centroids))))
(defn next-cluster
[xs cluster]
(let [xs (vec xs)
centroids (map #(if (seq %) (centroid (map xs %)) (first (random-centroids 1 xs))) (vals cluster))]
(make-cluster xs centroids)))
(defn stable?
[[c1 c2]]
(= (set (vals c1)) (set (vals c2))))
(defn lazy-seq-cluster
[k xs]
(iterate (partial next-cluster xs) (make-cluster xs (random-centroids k xs))))
(defn k-means-cluster
[k xs]
(let [cluster (ffirst (filter stable? (partition 2 1 (lazy-seq-cluster k xs))))]
;; Testing...
(defn generate-test-data
"Generate `num-points` random points in `num-dimensions`."
(generate-test-data 2))
(generate-test-data num-dimensions 100))
([num-dimensions num-points]
(let [ranges (repeat num-dimensions [0 1])]
(repeatedly num-points #(generate-random-point ranges)))))
(defn generate-clustered-test-data
[& {:keys [x-max x-sd y-max y-sd num-clusters num-points-per-cluster]
:or {x-max 1000
y-max 1000
x-sd 20
y-sd 20
num-clusters 3
num-points-per-cluster 100}}]
(letfn [(int-in-range [x m]
(max 0 (min m (int x))))
[[x y]]
(let [x-dist (dist/normal-distribution x x-sd)
y-dist (dist/normal-distribution y y-sd)]
(repeatedly num-points-per-cluster #(vector (int-in-range (dist/draw x-dist) x-max)
(int-in-range (dist/draw y-dist) y-max)))))]
(mapcat generate-clustered-points (repeatedly num-clusters #(vector (rand-int x-max) (rand-int y-max))))))
;;(view (scatter-plot (map first points) (map second points))
;; Quil stuff
(def centroid-side-len 20)
(def point-radius 5)
;; Red, Green, Blue, Cyan
(def colours
[[255 0 0]
[0 0 255]
[0 255 0]
[0 255 255]])
(def background-colour 200)
(defn draw-centroid
[[x y]]
(q/triangle (- x (* 0.5 centroid-side-len))
(- y (* 0.5 centroid-side-len (Math/tan (/ Math/PI 6))))
(+ y (/ (* 0.5 centroid-side-len) (Math/cos (/ Math/PI 6))))
(+ x (* 0.5 centroid-side-len))
(- y (* 0.5 centroid-side-len (Math/tan (/ Math/PI 6))))))
(defn draw-points
(doseq [[x y] points]
(q/ellipse x y point-radius point-radius)))
(defn draw-cluster
[points clusters prev]
(when prev
(q/fill background-colour)
(q/stroke background-colour)
(doseq [centroid prev] (draw-centroid centroid)))
(doall (map (fn [centroid colour]
(apply q/fill colour)
(apply q/stroke colour)
(draw-centroid centroid)
(draw-points (map (vec points) (clusters centroid))))
(sort (keys clusters))
(defn animate-k-means-clustering
(let [points (generate-clustered-test-data :num-clusters num-clusters)
state (atom {:steps (lazy-seq-cluster num-clusters points)})]
:title "K-means clustering"
:setup (fn [] (q/smooth) (q/frame-rate 1) (q/background background-colour))
:draw (fn []
(let [this-step (first (@state :steps))]
(draw-cluster points this-step (@state :prev))
(swap! state #(-> %
(assoc :prev (keys this-step))
(update-in [:steps] rest))))
(Thread/sleep 1000))
:size [1000 1000])))