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A theme for Jenkins to give a dark look.
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jenkins-dark Build status

A theme for Jenkins to give a dark look.

NOTE: Tested with both Jenkins version 1.6xx+ and 2.x (some things on 2.x are not styled properly yet.)

You will need to add the domains that you want this to apply to yourself if you use the Stylish plugin.

How to install

Simple Theme Jenkins Plugin (auto-updated)

  • Install the Simple Theme Plugin on your Jenkins Server
  • Click Manage Jenkins
  • Click Configure System and scroll to Theme section
  • Specify the URL of for the CSS
  • Click Save
  • Profit!

Native Jenkins Plugin

  • Download the latest release hpi file
  • Go to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Advanced
  • Go to the Upload Plugin section
  • Select the hpi file you downloaded
  • Click Upload
  • Restart Jenkins
  • Profit!


NOTE: these steps may be slightly different for FireFox version of Stylish

  • Install Stylish:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Download the latest release zip
  • Extract to a known location
  • Open the Stylish Style Manager (Manage installed styles)
  • Click on Write new Style
  • Under Mozilla Format, Click on Import button
  • Select the jenkins-dark.css file that you extracted earlier
  • Add your domains that you want this to apply to
  • Profit!

Install the plugin via chef and the jenkins-cookbook

jenkins_dark_theme_version = '1.0.105'
jenkins_dark_source = "{jenkins_dark_theme_version}/jenkins-dark-stylish-#{jenkins_dark_theme_version}.hpi"

jenkins_plugin 'jenkins-dark-theme' do
  action [:install]
  source jenkins_dark_source
  • Profit!


Jenkins Menu

Script Console

Build Queue

Manage Jenkins


Manage Plugins



How to build

$ npm install
$ grunt

This will generate the following:

  • dist/jenkins-dark.css
  • dist/jenkins-dark.min.css

How to contribute

  • Fork the Jenkins-Dark-Stylish repository
  • Clone the repository
  • Create a new branch (eg. feature/style-menus)
  • Create a pull request into develop
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