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A command line utility that decodes GRIB2 files as JSON.

This utility uses the netCDF-Java GRIB decoder, part of the THREDDS project by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidata.


git clone <this project>
mvn package

This creates a .tar.gz in the target directory. Unzip and untar the package in a location of choice.


The grib2json launch script is located in the bin directory and requires the JAVA_HOME environment variable to be defined.

> grib2json --help
Usage: grib2json [options] FILE
	[--compact -c] : enable compact Json formatting
	[--data -d] : print GRIB record data
	[--filter.category --fc value] : select records with this numeric category
	[--filter.parameter --fp value] : select records with this numeric parameter
	[--filter.surface --fs value] : select records with this numeric surface type
	[--filter.value --fv value] : select records with this numeric surface value
	[--help -h] : display this help
	[--names -n] : print names of numeric codes
	[--output -o value] : write output to the specified file (default is stdout)
	[--verbose -v] : enable logging to stdout

For example, the following command outputs to stdout the records for parameter 2 (U-component_of_wind), with surface type 103 (Specified height level above ground), and surface value 10.0 meters from the GRIB2 file gfs.t18z.pgrbf00.2p5deg.grib2. Notice the optional inclusion of human-readable xyzName keys and the data array:

> grib2json --names --data --fp 2 --fs 103 --fv 10.0 gfs.t18z.pgrbf00.2p5deg.grib2

            "disciplineName":"Meteorological products",
            "centerName":"US National Weather Service - NCEP(WMC)",
            "surface1TypeName":"Specified height level above ground",