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Address 8 layers updated Jan 23, 2017
Boundary 24 layers updated Aug 11, 2016
DPW 3 layers updated Jun 5, 2017
Demographics Added TopoJSON option for all datasets Mar 26, 2015
Historical Data updated for 17 layers Oct 13, 2015
Hydro Added TopoJSON option for all datasets Mar 26, 2015
License/Taxi_Cab_Stands Fixed names of Taxicab Stands files. Apr 2, 2015
Public_Safety Added 9 public safety related layers. May 26, 2015
Recreation Removed uneeded fields from bike racks layer. Jan 26, 2017
Traffic Metered Parking Spaces data updates from Traffic. Jun 15, 2017
Trans 7 layers updated Mar 7, 2017

Open Data on GitHub

The City of Cambridge is committed to building repositories for data to be used by developers and for public consumption. Cambridge GIS has posted the majority of the data sets on this official City of Cambridge site. Larger size files which do not lend themselves to this site (such as elevation data, raster, and LiDAR) will soon be available for download at and also available on DVD or by stopping by our offices (by appointment) at 831 Massachusetts Avenue.

All of these layer are also available for download in Shapefile and Esri File Geodatabase format on our website at


GitHub recognizes our GeoJSON files and creates interactive maps using Mapbox for most files. You can also view or download the raw GeoJSON using the 'Raw' button.

Report Issues and Update Data

If you notice a problem with the data, you can report an issue on this site using the New Issue form.

You can also click 'Edit' on any GeoJSON file to make a fork/copy on your own account, make changes, and suggest that they get adopted here.

About the City of Cambridge GIS Data

All of our data is in Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System NAD 83, feet, except those files converted to GeoJSON which are in WGS84. We are constantly upgrading and improving our data layers and hopefully you will find this data useful and accurate. Please notify Cambridge GIS if you see any issues with the data by contacting us at