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General Symfony tools used in VisageFour projects

The tools Bundle includes the following:

  1. Code
  • Used for generating codes. Can be extended for particular use cases.
  • Currently used in:
  • -- Photocards app (although not implemented with this bundle)
  • -- Slug generation for Twencha EventRegistration app
  1. WebHookManager
  • pulls relevant details from entity and passes to the selected URL - currently used for connecting to Zapier
  1. Slug entity
  • Used for resolving URLs to relevant objects
  • dependencies: Code Entity
  1. Code entity

  2. Custom controller extension

  • Has isDevEnvironment(), checkAccess(), getThisPerson() etc
  1. BaseFormType
  • has constructor for a form that is used as a service (used as a service asprocessing logic that used to be in gthe controller has been moved to the form).
  1. Base Email Register Manager
  • This class is designed to: handle registering of emails and can handle email spooling
  • requires Lexik mailer bundle
  • used in: Anchorcards app and twencha app/bundle
  • The BaseEmailRegisterManager class should be extended into a EmailRegisterManager sub class that will hold static variables used to define email layout and template fixtures and set methods to for sending each of these emails
  1. LexikEmailFixturesGeneric.php
  • This class is designed to make it easier to generate fixtures for Lexik Mailer layout and email template db records
  • used in: Anchorcards app and twencha app/bundle


General Symfony tools used in VisageFour projects



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