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<rss xmlns:atom="" xmlns:sparkle="" version="2.0">
<description>A more native clone of Gitk for OS X</description>
<title>GitX 0.5</title>
<pubDate>Sun, 17 Now 2008 11:24:54 +0100</pubDate>
<enclosure url="" length="1531595" type="application/octet-stream" sparkle:version="0.5"/> <description>
<h1>GitX Version 0.5</h1>
<div style='font-size: 70%'>
<p>This feature release has several new smaller or larger features:</p>
<li>The current branch is now highlighted</li>
<li>In the commit view, there is an option to amend commits</li>
<li>The "Gist it" button now respects github.user/token</li>
<li>Display a gravatar of the committer</li>
<li>The commit message view now displays a vertical line at 50 characters</li>
<li>It is now possible to revert changes by using the context menu in the
commit view</li>
<li>You can now stage only parts of a file by using the "Stage Hunk" buttons
in the commit view</li>
<li>You can now use GitX to show a diff of anything, for example by using
'gitx --diff HEAD^^' or 'git diff HEAD~3 | gitx --diff'</li>
<li>You can now drag and drop refs to move them and also create branches</li>
<p>In addition, the following bugs have been fixed:</p>
<li>Better detection of git version</li>
<li>Branch lines are no longer interspersed with half a pixel of whitespace</li>
<li>The toolbar keeps its state when switching views</li>
<title>GitX 0.4.1</title>
<pubDate>Sun, 06 Sep 2008 11:24:54 +0900</pubDate>
<enclosure url="" length="1495398" type="application/octet-stream" sparkle:version="0.4.1"/>
<h1>GitX Version 0.4.1</h1>
<div style='font-size: 70%'>
<p>This is a maintenance release</p>
<p>Changes since Version 0.4:</p>
<li> The diff display is now much faster</li>
<li> More locations are now searched for a default git</li>
<li> Code pasted online is now private</li>
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