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SAP is a suite of apps designed specifically for the BYU Humanaties Advisement Center. SAP is meant to be an all-in-one solution for college advisement centers. SAP is made up of the following applications. Following Sections contain information about each.
-- Internships - Database of internships from all around BYU campus. Students can log in and see all avaliable internships, find information on how to apply to this internships, and view reviews from students who have already had this internship.
+- Internships
-- MyGuide - Info here
+- MyGuide
-- Scheduling - Info here
+- Scheduling
- Admin
- (TODO) Reports
+## Engine Setup
+To make this app more moular we have broken up each piece into separate Rails engines. Our approach was based on a few blog posts from Pivotal Labs:
+- [Post1]()
+- [Post2]()
+For more information about how to work with engines, the Edge Rails [docs]() have great information about how to manage migrations, etc.
+### CAS and CanCan
+### Admin
+The admin section of the app is generated with the [rails_admin]() gem. This is not in its own engine per se but is in the parent app. See their documentation if any changes need to be made. It should automatically detect new models even those in other engines.
## Internships
Info about the Internships app
@@ -29,3 +44,7 @@ Info about the Internships app
## MyGuide
Info MyGuide
+## Tests
+We used Test::Unit (built in)

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