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This page of the wiki details the development roadmap for Excalibur. You can check out the to see release history.

We're participating in Pioneer's November 2018 tournament! Here is a list of features we plan to ship every week:

Week 1

Progress update due November 5, 12pm IST

  • Add static website ( #6
  • Table auto-detection #7
    • Add option to return table boundaries (Camelot #186)
    • Add auto-detection to workspace
      • Q: How to guess between lattice/stream?
        A: Compute both and load different detections based on selected flavor.
  • Add MySQL and Celery support #8

Week 2

Progress update due November 12, 12pm IST

  • Update website content and ui #15
  • Workspace #17
    • Save rule as preset
    • Select existing rule (Load table areas/columns on image)
  • Rules #17
    • View rule parameters
    • Upload and download rules as JSON to move them between Excalibur installations

Week 3

Progress update due November 19, 12pm IST

  • Jobs
    • View existing jobs and download data

Week 4

Progress update due November 26, 12pm IST

  • Add stream auto-detection (Camelot #102)

v0.2.0 ✔️

  • Configurable with MySQL and Celery for parallel and distributed workloads. (By default, sqlite and multiprocessing are used for sequential workloads.)

v0.3.0 ✔️

  • Table extraction rules as saved presets which can then be applied on different PDFs to extract tables with similar structures.

v0.4.0 ✔️


  • A public web API (incoming/outgoing webhooks)
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