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(ns pages-test
(:use expectations
(defn GET [path] (app (request :get path)))
(defn POST [path params] (app (request :post path params)))
(defn PUT [path params] (app (request :put path params)))
; root page success
(expect 200 (:status (GET "/")))
(expect #"Fun with Clojure" (:body (GET "/")))
; root with id
(expect 200 (:status (GET "/someword")))
; escapes HTML tags
(expect #"<someword>" (:body (GET "/%3Csomeword%3E")))
(expect 404 (:status (GET "/invalid/path")))
; create sandwich, given location of new sandwich
(expect 201 (:status
(POST "/sandwiches" {:type "ploughmans"})))
(expect #"/sandwiches/[^/]+" (:Location
(POST "/sandwiches" {:type "hummus"}))))
; PUT sandwich, can get afterwards
(expect 204 (:status
(PUT "/sandwiches/throwaway" {:type "processed-cheese"})))
(expect 200 (do
(PUT "/sandwiches/my-sandwich" {:type "potato"})
(:status (GET "/sandwiches/my-sandwich"))))
; GETing non-existant 404s
(expect 404 (:status (GET "/sandwiches/never-made")))