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  • New Feature - Choice of tricubic, tetrahedral and trilinear interpolation for analysis and use in LUTAnalyst.
  • New Feature - Completely new gamut limiter algorithm and code. Legalises colours and fixes potential LUT overshoots when going from a wide Gamut such as S-Gamut3 to a narrow one such as Rec709.
  • New Feature - P3 Colourspace now available with DCI, D60 and D65 white points.
  • New Feature - Sony Standard Gammas STD 1-6.
  • New Feature - 'Auto Title' button. Clicking it creates a LUT title containing input and output gamma and gamut details, plus basic info of customisation (currently black level and saturation).
  • New Feature - 'Declip' button on the LUTAnalyst tool. Where LUTs appear to have been clamped (ie the maximum output value is exactly 1.0 and or the minimum exactly 0.0), the declip process will attempt to extrapolate the clipped values, then limit them within a sensible range without hard clipping.
  • New Feature - 'DaVinci Resolve 12+ auto' preset option, to reflect that Resolve 12's default 'auto' clip range setting.
  • New Feature - Custom Colour Space can now set primaries from a matrix and white point / illuminant.
  • Feature Change - Complete rewrite of 3D interpolation / extrapolation code for efficiency, accuracy, clarity and maintainability.
  • Feature Change - Extensive rewrite of LUTAnalyst code for improved accuracy.
  • Feature Change - Reworked 1D interpolation code for speed and efficiency.
  • Feature Change - New code for estimating the gamut triangle on the 'xy / uv chromacity' preview. Much more robust and efficient.
  • Feature Change / Bugfix - Extensive rewrite of 'Custom Colour Space' code.
  • Feature Change - Improved interpretation of Canon EOS Standard and Normal gammas.
  • Bugfix - Fixed Javascript policies which stopped LUTCalc working on Internet Explorer / Edge browser.
  • Bugfix - Gamut Limiter tool was blocking LUT generation.

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Assets 2


  • New Feature - REDWideGamutRGB and Log3G10.
  • New Feature - Canon C-Log3.
  • New Feature - Black Gamma.
  • New Feature - Sony FS5 camera option.
  • New Feature - Panasonic GH4 V-Log camera option.
  • Bugfix - When using LUTAnalyst, the preview window was not automatically updating to reflect the analysed colour gamut.


  • New Feature - Print out the Stop vs IRE chart, plus exposure table and IRE / 10-bit values for each stop from -8 to +8.
  • New Feature - LUTAnalyst automatically sets output gamma and gamut to the analysed LUT.
  • New Feature - Alexa Classic 709 (Alexa-X-2) gamma and gamut.
  • New Feature - Amira Rec709 gamma.
  • New Feature - Experimentally-derived DJI D-Log gamma for Zenmuse X3 / Osmo.
  • New Feature - ProPhoto / ROMM RGB colourspace and gamma.
  • Feature Change - Improved LogC calculations from Arri's ACES IDTs.
  • Feature Change - Improved luminance coefficient calculation from colourspace primaries.
  • Feature Change - Improved flexibility in preset range settings for particular curve / format combinations.
  • Feature Change - added 14-bit (16384 point) output option to 1D cube files.
  • Feature Change - Linear and conventional gamma options are now listed under 'Linear / γ' rather than 'Linear / Rec709' to avoid confusion.
  • Feature Change / Provisional Bugfix - changed the way that Dolby PQ is scaled due to user feedback.
  • Bugfix - xy/uv gamut outlines were failing for LUTAnalyst colourspaces.


  • Bugfix - typo meant that SPI3D files were generated without the mesh sizes.


  • Feature Change - Improved / more robust gamma reversal code for LUTAnalyst.
  • New Feature - Provisional SmallHD preset based on SmallHD feedback - pending confirmation.


  • New Feature - Hybrid-log gamma.
  • New Feature - All Sony Hypergammas (1-8) plus Cinegammas 1 and 2 are now included (HG4 is also the same as Cinegamma 1, HG2 the same as Cinegamma 2).
  • New Feature - Rec709(800%) with black at 3% (the built-in LUT in Sony CineEI mode) is now included as an input gamma option. Not an ideal situation, but can be used to reverse an accidentally burnt-in LUT in CineEI mode.
  • Feature Change - Hypergammas 7 & 8 plus Rec709 (800%) have been recalculated along withe the other Hypergammas for precision.
  • Bugfix - fixed slight offset to x-axis in LUT in / LUT out chart.
  • Bugfix - Fixed initial black clip / white clip bounds on the stop chart not displaying.


  • Feature Change - More flexible PQ selection.
  • Bugfix - Fixed settings loading bug.


  • Reversion - New information confirms the original interpretation of V709. Removed the alternative and restored the .vlt preset.


  • New Feature - FCP X Color Finale / Color Grading Central LUT Utility Preset.


  • New Feature - Generic camera option where the user selects the recorded gamma and gamut.
  • Bugfix - Gamma and gamut options properly hidden or revealed in OSX App.
  • Bugfix - LUTAnalyst gamuts could become hidden when the format changed.


  • New Feature - Gammas and Gamuts available sorted by manufacturer, type (log, display, HDR Display, etc) or as the previous flat list.
  • New Feature - Additional MLUT format presets: Zacuto Gratical, Divergent Scopebox, AJA LUT-box.
  • New Feature - 'Display gamma correction' preset for say mapping scene linear to Rec709 or γ2.4 to PQ.
  • New Feature - GoPro Protune Gamma and Gamut (from ACES devel matrix and Cineform blog).
  • New Feature - DRAGONColor, DRAGONColor2, REDColor, REDColor2, REDColor3, REDColor4 gamuts (from ACES devel matrices).
  • New Feature - REDGamma3 and REDGamma4 (from LUTs on manufacturer's website).
  • New Feature - Further Dolby PQ options listed by display nits for a 90% reference white.
  • New Feature - Good Broyden's used to estimate gamut primary triangles for LUTAnalyst-read LUTs.
  • Bugfix - Binary file saving now works in the OSX App.
  • Bugfix - Fixed different binary saving bug in Chrome App.
  • Bugfix - Re-analysed the Panasonic V-709 LUTs for both gamma and gamut. Lack of availability of a Varicam 35 has lead to uncertainty over the correct ranges to choose. Pending confirmation both interpretations of the gamma are given, though the .vlt preset assumes the new assumption of range.
  • Bugfix - Fix incomplete input scaling bugfix from v2.2, which meant that scaling was only applied if both lower and upper bounds were changed.

Major Features

  • Real-time(ish) preview of colour spaces and adjustments with built-in test images, plus the option of loading jpegs, pngs and bmps (LUTCalc webapp) and additionally 16-bit tiffs and pngs (LUTCalc For Mac).
  • Support for multiple LUT formats: .cube, .3dl, .lut (Assimilate format), .spi1d, .spi3d, .ilut, .olut, .vlt. Supports scaled input values and .3dl input shapers.
  • Full calculation of colour space transforms from chromacities and white points to the working colour space. Now includes DCI-P3 variants, ACES and Adobe RGB and Adobe Wide Gamut RGB.
  • Vectorscope option for preview, with Rec709 75% and 100% boxes, plus a set of Rec709 75% boxes mapped to the current colour space choice.
  • Waveform and RGB parade options for preview.
  • Adjustable knee tool can produce effects from old-school video to smooth hypergamma / cinegamma.
  • ASC CDL controls.
  • New colour control I call 'PSST-CDL' (P)rimary, (S)econdary, (S)kin (T)one colour decision list. Similar controls to ASC-CDL, but operates on specific and tunable areas of a colour wheel. Based on a polar version of YPbPr, but transformed so that the angle between each primary, secondary (or skin tone) is equal.
  • Colour temperature adjustment as CTO/CTB or from/to colour temperature (scaled mired shifting).
  • Plus / minus green adjustment for fluorescent and LED lighting.
  • False Colour option on LUTs.
  • Web workers, multithreading and typed arrays in place of multidimensional arrays for increased calculation speed, allowing previews.
  • Improved LUTAnalyst code for greater accuracy, more compact binary format option for large (65x65x65) LUTAnalyst files (alongside .cube-based option). Generates a reverse transfer function (gamma) for use as an input / recorded gamma.
  • Additional transfer functions (gammas), primarily around prospective future HDR display functions (eg PQ), plus Panalog and Rec2020 colour space.
  • Comprehensive graphical instructions.
  • Customisation code is now much more organised and consistent, with a well-defined structure.