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What is this project

As a community we have each experienced troubles when working with a new material for 3D printing. Because this problem is not exclusive to one manufacture or printer, a standard for distributing essential print settings could help to solve this problem.

Current Standard Version

As the 3D printing community grows we intend to grow along side. Currently we have a release candidate for public consumption. If you would like to review this please visit the RC1 Page for more information.

JavaScript Library

As part of making the UFID standard easy to implement, a library has been created, documentation on this library is available at the following location. https://github.com/camerin/UFIDS_pages/wiki/UFID-Library-Documentation

Our Web Page

Currently the proof of concept webpage is out of date, this will be updated before 11/18/2013, but can be used to test the proof of concept.