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a lesson planner for Pilates instructors
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Pilates Planner is a full stack web application for creating and organizing lesson plans for pilates classes! With this app a pilates instructor can easily create new Lessons based on difficulty level and muscle groups and add Exercises to those lesson plans. Version 2 will integrate with the Google Calendar API so that Lessons can be assigned a specific date and time!

Below is a link to the app itself

Below is a link to the Trello Board

Below is a link to the wireframe images

wire frame 1 wire frame 2 wire frame 3 wire frame 4

Below is a list of technologies/libraries/frameworks/dependencies and resources... think of this section as a citation of sources

Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Capture, MondoDB, Mongoose, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, styled-components, Materialize, axios, react-router-dom, npm, nodemon, Heroku, Github, react-google-calendar-api, W3Schools, and classroom lessons.

Below is a list of goals for version 2

  • version 2 goal: Add AuthO sign in functionality.
  • version 2 goal: The lessons will be able to be added to a Google Calendar using their API.
  • version 2 goal: There will be a sharing feature and a student log in portal.

Special Thanks

  • Ranna Nix
  • JB Watson
  • William Njie
  • Daniel Mishael
  • Andrew McIntosh
  • Mark Haley
  • C'zar Dubois
  • James Royals
  • Spencer Merryman
  • Cameron Gunter
  • Stanley Kimani
  • Noah Harvey

for inspiration, motivation, and guidance along the way!

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