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a social RV application
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Road Warrior is a full stack web application for sharing your recreational vehicle journey with fellow RV enthusiasts! With this app an RV driver can make a profile and post about their trip with their current location information, where they are coming from, where they are going and tips and tricks along the way.

Below is a link to the app itself

Dependency issues, was unable to deploy to Heroku.

Below is a link to the Trello Board

Below is a link to the wireframe images

wireframe1 wireframe2 wireframe3 wireframe4

Below is a list of technologies/libraries/frameworks/dependencies and resources... think of this section as a citation of sources

Adobe XD, PostgresQL, Python, Django, React.js, styled-components, Bootstrap, axios, react-router-dom,npm, nodemon, Heroku, Github, google-map-react, W3Schools,,,,,,, and classroom lessons.

Below is a list of goals for version 2

  • version 2 goal: Add authentication for user login/sign up.
  • version 2 goal: Make the API calls so that when a post is created the location is stored on the map.
  • version 2 goal: Render the comments under each post so that users can interact with each other.

Special Thanks

  • JB Watson
  • Jo Kim
  • William Njie
  • Daniel Mishael
  • Andrew McIntosh
  • Shomari Pope
  • Destin Floyd
  • Atarius Armstrong
  • Cameron Gunter
  • Noah Harvey

for inspiration, motivation, and guidance along the way!

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