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a simple game of hangman
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This is a simple game of hangman! Yosemite Sam Hangman is a guessing game where you must select letters of the alphabet to complete puzzle of a missing word.

Below is a link to the game itself

Below is a link to the Trello Board

Below is a link to the wireframe images for the game

wire frame 1 wire frame 2 wire frame 3 wire frame 4 wire frame 5 wire frame 6

Below is a list of technologies/libraries/frameworks and resources... think of this section as a citation of sources

jQuery, Bootstrap, (stock images), Rosewood fonts Designed by Carl Crossgrove, Carol Twombly, and Kim Buker Chansler. From Adobe Originals., I asked a question on Stack Overflow and was answered by Tina Holly , (winning yosemite sam pic), (losing yosemite sam pic)

Below is a list of goals for version 2

version 2 goal: decrease image sizes and resolutions to increase load time. version 2 goal: make a tumble weed blow by periodically. version 2 goal: make the noose swing. version 2 goal: scoreboard with number of won, lost, and wrong displayed to side. version 2 goal: update and modify end game functionality. version 2 goal: add more playable words. version 2 goal: add flavicon to site. version 2 goal: add interactive sounds.

Special Thanks

Daniel Mishael Conrad Casper Andrew McIntosh William Njie JB Watson Shalain Deramus Cameron Gunter Stanley Kimani Spencer Merryman Noah Harvey

for inspiration, motivation, and guidance along the way!

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