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Package: pgfSweave
Type: Package
Title: Quality speedy graphics compilation with Sweave
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2010-12-3
Author: Cameron Bracken <> and Charlie Sharpsteen <>
Maintainer: Cameron Bracken <>
Depends: stashR, filehash, tikzDevice, cacheSweave, getopt, highlight
Imports: digest, tools, utils
SystemRequirement: pgf (>=2.00) ( for the
vignette and for externalization.
Description: pgfSweave provides a number of improvements to the improve
speed and quality of the Sweave output including: (1) capabilities for
'caching' graphics generated with Sweave on top of the caching
mechanisms provided by cacheSweave, (2) an interface to the tikzDevice
package which provides graphics with consistent font style, sizing
and quality as the main document and (3) highlighting of echo'd source
code via the highlight package. pgfSweave provides a new driver for
Sweave (pgfSweaveDriver) with new chunk options tikz, pgf, external,
sanitize, highlight and tidy on top of the cache option provided by
License: GPL
LazyLoad: yes
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