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RESOLVED (resolution in brackets)

  • latex/pdflatex is not found when using (Mac OS X) unless path to pdflatex is hardcoded (but pgfSweave works) [put path to latex distro in .Rprofile (see vignette faq)]

  • Package currently generates a bash shell script to compile external graphics, which will not work in windows. [This actually does work on windows if Rtools and MiKTeX are installed]

  • Using the 'pdf' option and 'external' option will conflict suggest using one or the other or possibly have a default when this is the case [If pgf is TRUE it supercedes everything else]

  • output pdf size when included in document is refined by textwidth by default, need a feature to add the 'width' and 'height' and possibly and other option 'scale' the \includegraphics[width=,height=,scale=]{file} [Use \usepackage[nogin]{Sweave}]

  • Vignette does not compile with R CMD {check,build,install} because file is not normal Sweave (Solution for the final document may just be to save images separately and create a standard Sweave file). For now vignette moved to inst/doc/src. [Elaborate make file created in inst/misc/vignette-source, run make then make cleanforbuild before uploading]

##DONE (old TODO items):

  • pgf graphics device. [Started tikzDevice on r-forge]

  • Figure out how to fill the environment variable $R_HOME in exec/pgfSweave [Irrelevant now, see next item]

  • Figure out how to call the script exec/pgfSweave when using R CMD pgfSweave [Used a Makevars file to create symlink in $RHOME/bin, basically a much simplified version of Charlie's method]

  • Documentation has a boatload of warnings under R CMD check.

  • Figure out how to call eps2pgf.jar with the rJava package [scrapped for now, write a pgf graphics device!]

  • Determine the limitations R CMD pgfSweave. [shell script pgfSweave in exec/ will do the same but using R CMD is not possible withoud a rewrite of the Rcmd script]

  • Determine if pgf 2.00 contains the external capabilities so that can be stated in the vignette and the documentation. [must use at least pgf 2.00]