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 		     Absinthe - Automated SQL Injection
 		     	  by nummish <nummish AT>


Absinthe 1.4 (Two trick pony...)

This is the biggest release of Absinthe since I GPL'd the code.
Absinthe is no longer just a Blind injection tool, this release has 
the basics of MS SQL Server error based injection. This runs a *LOT* 
faster than the blind stuff, so if it's an option, use it. Otherwise, 
the Blind for Oracle, SQL Server and PostGres are still there. They
will update the progress earlier, so use of the tool will be less painful.

If you have any questions or comments on the tool, please do not hesitate
to visit or email us at:

An HTML user guide is available at:

I've included a compiled version for straight install which includes
the current wx.NET DLLs required for Absinthe. 

With version 1.4, I've switched to using nant ( as the build
tool. You will need to install this to build the binaries.
From this point, you can just run the install script as normal. 

Hopefully you find this useful.
- nummish

v1.4  Big Ups:
Thanks & props to the following for their help & feedback for this version:
Caezar, Dyngnosis, Tom.Pester, Andre Ludwig, morning_wood of
and Damon Cortesi

Changes Since 1.3.1

	- Fixed a bug that caused cookie names to be forced to lowercase
	- Added code to allow better handling of HTTP 500 Errors
	- Large rewrite of all the plugin code
	- Added support for Error based injections
	- Partial table downloads, and download recovery
	- Generated an XSD and XSLT for the saved file format
	- Custom User Agent strings
	- Cleanup of UI code
	- Lots of very minor bug fixes
	- Replaced Makefiles with nAnt build files	

Changes Since 1.3.0

	- Target URL will change to "https://" for SSL connections
	- Bug causing POST requests to fail when using a proxy fixed
	- Several changes to all the plugins to fix SQL syntax errors
	- Now allows for unicode text to be downloaded
	- Tables are now part of the downloaded data
	- SSL authorization problems on Mono fixed
	- Minor UI updates
	- Error with delimiter when client environment is different than
	  than target environment fixed


A Blind SQL Exploitation application







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