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A front-end web development-focused utility image, mostly Git-oriented.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links


Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance. It outclasses SCM tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase with features like cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows.



This image is optimized for cloning and pulling updates for web servers. The user is configured to www-data with the UID/GID of 82 (the correct UID/GID for www-data according to Alpine conventions). The default directory (owned by www-data) is /srv/www/htdocs.

ssh-keyscan is used to gather public SSH host keys for common Git hosts like GitHub and Bitbucket.


The version numbers reflect the version of Git installed. The -r# suffix defines the revision number of that release for extra stability and does not necessarily correlate with the -r# suffix Alpine's repository uses. Should some aspect of the image be upgraded other than the Git version, defining a specific revision number in your Dockerfile will ensure you don't unexpectedly receive those changes until you've had time to review the updates and explicitly allow them.