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Image View Mode Demo

commit 8e95f70c9c47168305970e91021072673d7cdad8 1 parent 8bf009f
@cameronmcefee authored
BIN  1_normal.jpg
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BIN  2_transparentPixels.png
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BIN  3_tooLarge.jpg
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BIN  4_differentSize.jpg
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151 comments on commit 8e95f70


wow :)


Nice :)


Sexy. Would be nice if you could also just click and drag inside the image to change the Swipe and Onion Skin sliders. They’re a bit fiddly now.




I hear that in the next release will contain a slider to control how many of your bugs GitHub automatically corrects for you.


really cool feature!


Nice. Only the "difference" view when image is resized is a little wonky looking.


Good stuff!


Really a awesome feature. Nice. Like the 'Onion Skin' view. :)


"Difference" view on resized image reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Otherwise, very very cool!




This is great guys thank u


so cool! thanks a lot




Please now! I want to go to there!


The UI for switching between comparison modes is extremely elegant. Fantastic work, :octocat:!


Love the octocat pictures


Incredibly useful!


Outstanding! I've been wanting something like this, though unsure of exactly how it should work, for a long time.




Amazingly easy-to-use. Very well done! A+++




Now I can solve all those 'spot the difference' games. Bwhahahah!


This is awesome.


I love Github. This is pretty epic.


Stumbled upon this on Saturday I think... was surprised and thought I'd missed the official announcement! :) Great job.


Err, that is, I noticed the image diff for the first time on Saturday, at all. These additional ways to view diffs is, truly, baller.


Finally, difference with different sizes is fucking trippy. :)


Very nice guys!


Really Cool!! Great job!


oh wow! Amazing job! Perfect


Awesome! Very helpful.


ok. i didn't get it until i checked the demo. damn nice.


Absolutely awesome!


high five






This is pretty brilliant! Suddenly the diff view for images is useful. :D


So pretty much we need to teach our designers to deliver iterations as jpgs in git. Right?

That's how I'm reading this.


Okay that's just awesome.






I like!




This is amazing. I should start using github for everything.


Awesome. Anything but "2 up" looks a bit awkward when comparing different sized versions, though.


besides PNG are you planning to support other image formats?






Oh man, this is truly awesome.


Cool, this is going to be really useful for me. When I saw the post on HN I immediately thought: 'pdiff', but this is even better.


So cool!


Improvement suggestion: instead of the images jumping around vertically a bit when switching between modes, because of the different relative positions and sizes of the extra UI elements you add / remove (for drag handles), could you just allocate enough vertical space (padding / margin) for either mode's UI components in all four modes, so the image can remain in the same location when you switch between them? (2-up, of course, would just retain the vertical image position during mode switches.)


What about making notes on images as well?



Was it intentional to change the first image (1_normal) from JPEG to PNG? The other way round could produce a lot of difference due to compression artifacts, obviously.


Wicked cool, but I don't know if it's for demopurposes or if it's incorrect: The transparent diff doesn't show the dropshadow in the alpha.Only the outline.






Awesome stuff, keep it up!




Awesome feature, it would be nice to lock the image click so you can't drag it out accidentally.


nextup make winrar diff






Are these features also available through GitHub:Fi?


@kerryfalk FI usually lags a little behind, but it will get the view modes eventually.


Excellent! Thank you.


WTF! guys, you're the best...


Absolutely awesome!


Very cool!


good god


It's awesome, github rulez :]




wow. cool stuff!


Amazingly awesome, as Jobs would say!


nice indeed


Way cool.


Certainly, this is great thing to have. :)

Combines features similar to Kaleidoscope to GitHub and makes this service feel much more full versed for web designers. :)


Génial !


This is absolutly usefull!


Cool story, bro




^ Exactly! :)


I wish github allowed unsubscribing from any thread. Kind of makes you wish you never wrote that comment...


@mrdoob, you can do that :P Check at the bottom of this page:

Email notifications for these commit notes are on. Disable email notifications for this commit


I'm not talking about emails. I'm talking about notifications.

I already have all email disabled, but I still get a notification inside github when someone writes in this thread with no option to unsubscribe.

Hope it's clear now.


soo cool, great job!


oh,yeah!so cool


Good job~


This looks great, but I can't seem to click the buttons to change mode. In Chromium on Arch Linux and Chrome/"Browser" on Android 4.0.1, the buttons are vertically stacked and not clickable. On Firefox in Arch Linux, the buttons aren't even there.


@BenBergman, looks like accidentally broke it. I'll see if we can get that fixed asap.


@BenBergman Thanks for the heads up. It should be back in action again.


Well, I spoke too soon. The demo doesn't work, but my own repo does.

Edit: I see you just happened to fix it between me checking your repo and mine. Thanks for the quick fix!


@cameronmcefee While you're at it, can you make it so one can unsubscribe from threads? Thanks!


WOW! cool


Oh wow. They just added the feature. Thanks @github!

/me happily unwatches this thread.


so cool!


wow, so great.


awesome !


very good








very good


Where did the difference mode go?




Pretty Good!


wow :smile: pretty! is there any demo for psd files?






Cool :)






So cool!


Awesome! واقعا شگفت انگیزه.




Good job!








Guys, it's been 3 years ! Where is this awesome feature ?


Will there be support for more than two diffs? (like 10 or so)
I would love to see a range of commits in the onion mode








on the way




very cool




Good stuff. @cameronmcefee, is there a roadmap for supporting other file formats? .ai files would be really great!


It is great!


It is great!




very good


so cool




SO awesome. I just discovered it accidentally when I changed some images. Nice surprise. Thanks guys, you rock!!!



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