A license for private repos that lets you define what happens to your code when you die
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The RIP License

“It turns out, people die all the time.”


Dying is going to suck for you, but it doesn’t have to suck for the people that rely on your software. The RIP License can be placed in your private repos to specify what should happen to their contents in the event of your death or permanant incapacitation.

Enjoy long-winded prose? Read about why I created this in the announcement post.


  1. Copy the contents of LICENSE into the root directory of your repo as your LICENSE file.

  2. Choose the conditions you wish to apply and update the names where appropriate.

  3. In the section of your will or living will where you specify what should happen to your digital assets, add the following text.

    I name [Full Name] as the executor of my software projects hosted at [Site]. They are to be given access to my private code to follow the directions I have given in each individual LICENSE file.

If you don't have a will or living will, the contents of the RIP License you select may still apply. While there are no guarantees in life (other than, well, you know), making sure that others know about the RIP License you've selected can help ensure that your wishes are honored.