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note: whenever you change Gemfile run bundle install

@ Devise installed for authentication, no models created
  + to setup:
    - edit /config/initializers/devise.rb
    - rails generate devise ModelName
  + to remove:
    - rails destroy devise_views
    - rails destroy devise_install
    - then remove devise and warden from the Gemfile
@ Aegis installed for permissions
  + to setup:
    - edit /app/models/permissions.rb to add/remove permissions
    - add a string column named "role_name" to all your models which
      need permissions
    - call the method "has_role" at the top level of all your models
      needing permissions
  + to remove:
    - rails destory model Permissions
    - remove aegis from Gemfile
@ Uses compass with the 960 plugin
  + to setup:
    - already done, modify sass files in app/stylesheets
  + to remove:
    - remove all the compass folders/files and the reference in
@ Uses my rails3 compliant fork of asset_packager
  + to setup:
    - ensure that all your stylesheets/js files are referenced in
  + to remove:
    - rails plugin remove asset_packager
    - remove config/asset_packages.yml