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Click B's to earn points, deposit points in the bank to earn interest, and unlock achievements along the way. A simple but addictive idle tycoon game.

Get started

To play bClick, you can visit in your web browser. On iOS or Android, you can add bClick to your homescreen to use it as an app.

How to play

The goal of the game is to earn points. To do this, you click B's. Every time you click the B, you get points. Once you have enough points, you can unlock more B's. The more points the B costs, the more points it gives you for every click. You can also invest points into the bank using the deposit button. The bank will give you interest every once in a while. You can also unlock achievements for doing special tasks. Achievements will give you a boost at earning points.


You may open an issue if you have feedback, or a bug report. You may also fork this repo and submit a pull request to resolve an issue or improve the app.


Cameron Samuels - Developer, Graphic Designer
Ethan Choo - Graphic Designer
Contributors - Michael, Arjun, Alwin, Andrew, Benz


bClick is distributed under the Cameron Samuels License.