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Beto Website Sticker

Show your support for Beto O'Rourke by adding the sticker to your website


Adding the sticker to your website

Adding the Beto sticker to your webpage is as easy and simple as voting for him.

  1. Download beto.css (the sticker code) and the font to your website's files
  2. Add <link rel="stylesheet" href="beto.css"> to each of your webpages to connect the sticker code
  3. Add <beto></beto> inside your webpage's <body> to add the sticker to the page


The Beto sticker can be configured to open the campaign website when clicked, and it can also be aligned to the left or the right of the screen (center is the default).

<!-- Placed in the bottom left of the screen -->
<beto align="left"></beto>

<!-- Placed in the bottom right of the screen-->
<beto align="right"></beto>

<!-- Opens Beto's campaign website on click -->
<a href="" target="_blank"><beto></beto></a>