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Golang Reddit API Wrapper
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A Golang wrapper for the Reddit API. This package aims to implement every endpoint exposed according to the documentation in a user friendly, well tested and documented manner.


Install the package with

go get


Many endpoints in the Reddit API require OAuth2 authentication to access. To get started, register an app at and be sure to note the ID, secret, and redirect URI. These values will be used to construct the Authenticator to generate a client with OAuth access. The following is an example of creating an authenticated client using a manual approach:

package main


func main() {
  // Create a new authenticator with your app's client ID, secret, and redirect URI
  // A random string representing state and a list of requested OAuth scopes are required
  authenticator := reddit.NewAuthenticator("<client_id>", "<client_secret>", "<redirect_uri>", 
     "<platform>:<app ID>:<version string> (by /u/<reddit username>)", "<random_string>", reddit.ScopeIdentity)
  // Instruct your user to visit the URL retrieved from GetAuthenticationURL in their web browser
  url := authenticator.GetAuthenticationURL()
  fmt.Printf("Please proceed to %s\n", url)

  // After the user grants permission for your client, they will be redirected to the supplied redirect_uri with a code and state as URL parameters
  // Gather these values from the user on the console
  // Note: this can be automated by having a web server listen on the redirect_uri and parsing the state and code params
  fmt.Print("Enter state: ")
  var state string

  fmt.Print("Enter code: ")
  var code string

  // Exchange the code for an access token
  token, err := authenticator.GetToken(state, code)
  // Create a new client using the access token and a user agent string to identify your application
  client := authenticator.GetAuthClient(token)


// Returns a new unauthenticated client for invoking the API
client := reddit.NoAuthClient

// Retrives a listing of default subreddits

// Retrives a listing of hot links for the "news" subreddit
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