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CamFort is a verification and refactoring tool for Fortran providing:

  • analyses for gathering data on the programming patterns
  • automatic refactoring for improving the code quality
  • verification of program properties

CamFort works with existing tool-chains using annotations embedded in comments within your existing codebase. If you want to hear about updated on CamFort then please sign-up to the mailing list.


Unit-of-measure verification allows you to annotate Fortran source code with units of variables and can automatically check whether units are consistently used and report back where it went wrong if they are inconsistent.

Stencil verification allows you to describe and verify the access patterns your code makes over arrays in order to catch array indexing errors.

Common block and equivalence refactoring allows you to remove deprecated idioms from your code.


Please check our installation guide if you are having difficulty obtaining CamFort.

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